Sometimes you'll need or want to provide a reader with free access to your site.  You can do this with the whitelist user feature in the CRM.
Note: Readers will need to previously register to your site on the front-end or be created through a migration. Pico does not support adding individual emails directly through the dashboard.

To whitelist a user bring up their record in the CRM, click the options menu (three dots) in the top right and click 'Add to whitelist'.

Next, choose the monetization and tier you want to give that user a free subscription to from the drop down menu and select start and end dates for the whitelist.  Save the changes by clicking 'Add to whitelist'.

If the tier option doesn't show up for a user try reloading the user's profile or refreshing the page.  Sometimes it takes a few seconds for the whitelist option to show in the menu or it can error on the first attempt to load the page.

Note: If you would like to change an already whitelisted user to another plan, first remove their whitelist status then re-add the user to the new whitelisted plan.

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