With Pico, you can apply content restriction rules to any article or page tied to registration rules or monetization plans. Examples of how this feature might be used:

  • allow some or all of your content to live behind a registration wall and/or paywall
  • unlock some content for readers with a special discount code
  • have a "members-only" section of your site

1. Choose a unique tag to designate locked content. You may wish to use multiple tags in case you plan to set up multiple access rules. For example, "paywall", "registered", "premium", etc. Tags entered in the Pico publisher app must be lower case.

2. Tag all the posts that you wish to apply that particular access rule to. 

If you need to apply tags to many posts at once (e.g., retroactively) or apply tags to non-post pages, you should use a plugin like Simple Tags or manually run a SQL query assigning a tag to the pages you wish to restrict. Pico reads from both Tags and Category values in our Taxonomy, so you can use either (or a combination of both).

3. Once a tag has been applied, you can lock that content using the Registration Rule or Monetization Plan editor in the IAM section at https://publisher.pico.tools.

Creating a registration wall for content tagged "registered"


Creating a paywall for content tagged "paywall"

Learn more about Creating Registration Rules or Creating Monetization Plans

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