Group subscriptions are perfect for schools, companies, governments, or just families who want to buy multiple subscriptions under one name. Get started in a few simple steps: 

1. Create a new Group Subscription Plan.

Go to your Pico Publisher App, and in the Monetization Plans section, add a new plan. Select the new 'Group Subscription' option.

2. Design and save the offer for this plan.

Your new plan will be anchored on the price per member. Set that price, select the benefits that every group member will receive, and if you'd like, give the plan a name ("Education Pricing - Annual," for example). Once you're satisfied with the offer, save the new plan. (Don't worry — you'll be able to override the per-member price to offer further discounts on a selective basis; this includes changing the group's per-member price in the future.)


3. Re-open your new plan to start inviting groups.

Re-open the plan you just saved. When you click on the Groups tab at the top of the editor, you'll see a new option to create your first group invitation. You'll need to select at least one validation option for members of the group: entry by group code, email domain validation, or an exact email address match. Once you submit the form, an invitation will be on its way to the group's billing administrator to make the payment.  

You can also send the link in the top right corner of the menu (Group Invitation) to the group members.  If they are included in the validation options (ie. have the code or correct email), they will join the group membership.

For educational institutions or businesses that have all users under a single or limited number of domains, validation can be set to allow users with appropriate emails to join the group and gain access.

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